Thankful: Wedding Sneak peek

Happy Friday!! I wanted to share a sneak peek of our wedding photos, because yesterday I was so thankful to celebrate our first holiday as husband and wife!! I feel so unbelievably lucky to have found my soul mate, and I am so thankful to go through life’s ups and downs with my best friend. He is my voice of reason, my rock, and my biggest cheerleader. I can’t wait to show more of my favorite moments from our wedding, here soon.

It has been a while since I have updated my website, but expect to see more regular posts here! I have some fun holiday content, giveaways, and more coming here soon. In the meantime, you can shop some of my Black Friday posts under the side bar “Currently Loving”. Xx

Exploring your City with The Hollyday

Recently, my best friend, Holly of The Hollyday, asked me to join her in a series she was launching on her blog that encouraged people to get out and explore their own city. Naturally, when she mentioned breathtaking views and champagne I jumped at the opportunity. Here are a few of my favorites!

As silly as it sounds, it was so therapeutic to get out and explore a new area in our city, sip champagne, and laugh when out of no where it started pouring the rain. It reminded me to take the time to enjoy the things I might take for granted everyday, and it didn’t hurt that I did it with my person!



Wedding Prep: 3 Months Out

Dress (Privacy Please) / Shoes (Schutz) / Bag (Gucci) / Belt (Below the Belt)

It doesn’t seem possible, but we are officially 3 months away from our Wedding day! Chad and I got engaged last September, and since Fall is my favorite time of the year, he was gracious enough to wait out the long engagement. Let me tell you…. it has felt like a lifetime!!!! But here we are, 3 months out, and it’s time to get down to business. I thought I would share my beauty/health routine, and what I am doing (goodbye carbs) to prep for the big day.

1. Chemical Peels = that bridal glow

I was terrified to get my first chemical peel, and even more terrified to see the after math. Everyone has seen that Sex in the City episode of Samantha, and I thought my results would be similar. Wrong. Everyone’s skin reacts differently, but personally my skin just became flakey after 2 days (similar to a sun burn) and stayed that way for 2-3 days. You will also notice and feel your skin tightening for two days after the peel. Personally, I loved this because it looks like instant Botox and my make up goes on smooth. Bottom line, chemical peels have helped tremendously with my skin’s pigment (dark/sun spots) and brightness, as well as the overall texture. It is a life savior!! I am getting one once a month up until October.  Do yourself a favor and go see Cheryl at Knoxville Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery. Do it now. 865-973-950

2. Botox and Filler = youth in a syringe

Not afraid to admit it. I get Botox in my forehead and filler in my lips. Botox helps with my fine lines and wrinkles, and filler gives my pout a little more volume. My bottom lip has always been bigger, and filler in my upper lip helps to balance out the two. The needle for Botox is TINY, and doesn’t hurt! For my lips, I get a dental block before the injections. Is it enjoyable? No. But it is tolerable and well worth the results. My lips always swell and bruise for a few days after, but a darker lip gloss or lipstick helps to conceal the bruises.

3. Diet and Exercise (because really, I love red wine and pizza)

I try to eat pretty clean and healthy during the day, because I know my fiancé is going to want Mexican, pizza, or a burger for dinner. It never fails. How can I possibly eat my dry chicken breast and broccoli with his truffle, shoestring fries calling my name across the table?!?! It’s cruel. So, my saving grace during the day has been Simon Hall’s whole 30 approved meals. I especially love his curry chicken salad! It’s fast, easy, and best of all I don’t have to go to the grocery store or make it. Win, win. If you are in Knoxville or Nashville look him up!  For exercise, I do a combination of barre (Neighborhood Barre) and cardio. Come August 7, I will most likely be doing two a days, because I want toned arms in my wedding dress!

4. Latisse = my saving grace

A few months ago I decided to try eyelash extensions. It’s not that I have really short lashes, but I am lazy when it comes to make up, especially eye make up. I wanted to see if I liked the look for my wedding, and how wonderful to not have to fool with mascara on my honeymoon. Ps. we just booked it!! HELLO EUROPE! But back to my story. Personally, it was a HORRIBLE decision. The weight of the lashes were too heavy and they literally broke and pulled my real lashes off. I barely had them for two weeks, when I realized something was majorly wrong. Long story short, they took them off only to reveal a nightmare. I have used Latisse for almost three months now and I am in love! I can really see a difference in the length, and they feel stronger. I don’t use it every night anymore, but I highly recommend this product if you want long, think lashes!! Worth every penny.

So there you have it. Nothing crazy, but it might inspire you or spark some ideas if you have a special event coming up or if you are a bride too! We are off on a mini family vacation this weekend, and I can’t wait for a little R&R with my people. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Xx

Romper Love

It is no secret that I am a big fan of rompers. Who doesn’t love an instant look?! My fiance and I went to our favorite retreat, the Highlands, this past weekend, and I defiantly packed this whole look. If you do not have a go to nude heel, I can not recommend this cork one enough! It is supriginsly comfortable and literally goes with everything. I love how the cork makes the heel feel so summery. I’ve linked my favorite current rompers below. Be sure to click to shop! Xx



white x cognac with Patricia Nash

White and cognac has always been a favorite combo of mine. I love a simple chic look, and lets be honest… less is more, especially in the south during these miserable, hot summer days. A few weeks ago, I got the chance to visit the Patricia Nash Showroom and it is gorgeous!!! I picked up this amazing saddle bag, and I have been wearing it ever since. It looks great with everything, from cut off shorts to a t shirt dress. If you are local be sure to come out to their blogger block party on June 22 from 4-8 pm! I will be there, and they are offering fabulous discounts, giveaways, and grab bags!! You wont want to miss it. Xx

*Patricia Nash Showroom – 1132 N. Sixth Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee


One Shoulder Ruffle

One shoulder and restructured shirts are popular this season, and I have to admit I am loving this trend. I couldn’t pass up this fiery red number from J.Crew that is currently 25% off with code HOPTOIT! Be sure to check out and shop my other picks above. Countdown to the weekend has begun!! Xx

Wedding Update: My Squad

Life as of late has been full of celebrations, a lot of change, and a bit stressful. Recently, I was offered a wonderful career opportunity, which I happily accepted! It has been a whirl wind ever since, with a lot of excitement and challenges along the way. I am thankful for the constant support of my family, finance, and friends, which leads me to this; my squad. I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to be apart of my wedding day in a special way, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with how they turned out! If you haven’t tried Sugarfina products do yourself a favor and go buy their champagne or rose (my personal fav bc they use Whispering Angel rose!) infused gummy bears. All of their products have adorable packaging and are equally delicious. I think my bridesmaids (all 16 of them!), would all agree.

Wedding planning is coming along! A few weeks ago, I finally found THE dress!! I had the best experience at a gorgeous boutique in Nashville, The Dress Theory. If you are a bride and are still looking be sure to check them out! They are extremely personable because every appointment is private and they actually listen and pull styles you WANT to try on, all while pouring you champagne. AKA they knew my love language. My first dress shopping experience was one for the books. There were tears..meltdowns…rage…I mean, cue the scene where Carrie, in Sex and the City, has a mild panic attack. Yeap, guilty. (Dont remember? Click here.) EXCEPT, it had nothing to do with marrying my finance!! I REPEAT!!  So you can see, finally finding the dress, while having an amazing experience feels like an enormous defeat. In the meantime, save the dates have been sent, and I can not wait to finalize other fun details. We are officially less than 6 months away, and I can not wait to share more details here soon!! Xx


Stripes x Spring

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! When the weather gets warmer, I love to reach for easy and flirty dresses. Be sure to check out some of my favorite picks above! Happy Monday! Xx

Florals x Camo

A military inspired jacket is a great spring addition and a wardrobe staple. I love the fun camouflage print of this one! To keep it from going to masculine, I paired it with a light and feminine floral print and nude heels. I can not wait to style this jacket with a great fitting black midi dress. Shop my picks above! Xx

White Out


This is probably one of my favorite looks to date. It’s crisp, timeless, and eloquent. I love an all white look anytime of the year, but I find it to be particularly refreshing in winter. I just ordered this off the shoulder top (under $100!) and this statement shirt. I can’t wait to style these two pieces with these super high waisted white jeans or keep it casual with these white cut offs. I have my eyes on this statement dress for an engagement party and this classic midi dress for a shower (under $200!). Shop the rest of my all white picks above. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are celebrating my mother’s birthday today at Littons, and if you live in Knoxville, it is a must try. Best burger in town! Xx

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